Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Dirty Pair manga in Japan

The Lovely Angels, Kei and Yuri are back, appearing in the pages of Monthy Comic Ryu. Let the chaos, destruction, and cheesecake ensue!

As an early supporter of anime, I can't describe what a relief it is to see these two icons return. By now the animated adventures of The Dirty Pair are widely known but disregarded by the contemporary anime fan, seeming clunky and dated. The reality however is that these two characters pushed the media's limits early on, with swashbuckling sci-fi tales laced with violence and sexuality. As an 80's preteen absorbed with ROBOTECH and Voltron, The Dirty Pair served as a proper white rabbit leading to years of discovery via VHS tape trading networks like the CFO.

Apart from a Joji Manabe Doujinshi I once flipped through, the Pair never quite looked this sleazy, which is understandable given the current state of the anime industry. Frankly, I can't understand what took so long for this series to happen. Kei,in particular, looks to have received the biggest makeover. It might not be "wolf hair", but at least it's not Dirty Pair Flash.

I predict that this incarnation will be successful enough for the inevitable anime adaptation, and then this and every previous generation of anime fan will know the madcap glory of The Dirty Pair!

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