Monday, September 2, 2013

To Flea, or not to Flea?

Definitely, To Flea.

I've had some good luck when scouring the local flea market scene for unique and obscure treasures. Recent weekends are no exception.

I snagged these two classics for a measly ten dollars. It was one of those moments that I had to be consciously aware of my poker face at all times during the transaction.

Then of course I proceeded along with a hop, skip, and a jump to yet an even more intriguing purchase.


Yes, that's a bootleg  Takara Micro Man Cosmic Fighter, possibly even (?) utilizing restocked merchandise. There are a few things that differentiate it from any previously released version of this toy, first and foremost being that it doesn't come with a figure. This would be a bummer if the cockpit canopy weren't all chrome and sealed shut, thus rendering the issue irrelevant. Upon closer inspection you will see that there are several other accessories that are no longer present, otherwise this could be the real thing, even including what appears to be the actual Takara Micro Man decals and sticker sheet. The motorized and projectile features are there, and the tank tread is not to be mistaken with anything ever produced by Playmates. It swaps out easily with my other Micro Man toys, and it is seriously fun to play with!

I bought it for thirty bucks after talking the lady down from her original fifty, so, yes; the flea is still a place to kick collecting ass all these years later.