Monday, February 27, 2012

Do You Toy Show? Part Four

Zen HQ is once again gearing up for the Steel City Con, which is on it's fiftieth show or something. It's a real pleasure to set up and hang out with my fellow collectors, but not much fun to set up and tear down. That is why I never buy a table, at the show, on Sunday, at a discount. I can never sit there when Dominic makes the announcement and feel anything but loathing for the idea of going through this whole routine for another weekend. But here it comes again...

Unlike most toy nerds, my operation occurs mostly in seclusion. Everything I hoard is in storage. I do not have a space dedicated to displaying my collection, not even a shelf. If I did, perhaps I would have a small posse to help out when at the last minute I feel like I need to set up a table somewhere. For the most part it's just me, worrying about some big ticket item walking off while I'm making a trip to the vehicle, though I never seem to have trouble finding help during show hours.

Being that this is a big Star Wars gathering, I might break off one or two as yet to be determined vintage pieces, as well as more of my vintage domestic toy collection in general. When I store these toys, I kind of sneak them away where ever there is room. When my collection is placed all together, it brings to mind all the other uses I could make of the space it's taking up. Then it occurs to me I could be in total denial about my collection, because a large toy collection is really just one more thing to manage, so I kind of put it out of my mind until the niece and nephew need something to do, or there is a blizzard and I haven't admired my M1 Godzilla bust lately, or occasionally when friends are over and good and settled in already. I keep bringing the stuff in, but I don't feel like I have time to be organized, then I realize I have too much stuff. It's a cycle. I think back to the last show and I can honestly say that I knew I would be doing this next one, but still couldn't pull the trigger because I'm not joking about the part that it can be a drag.

My dealer (never liked the term) info indicates they need my tax ID #. My accountant has yet to get back to me, but it's that time of year/ keeping my fingers crossed. Plus, it's supposed to snow, which I love, and this new venue doesn't have windows. NEW VENUE. Yes, I miss the Expo-Mart, but what the local toy community needs is something a little more off-kilter and less dependent on celebrity guests and online retailers, something that celebrates the culture that has grown from over thirty years of regular-ass comic book and sci-fi conventions. Something new.

Until then, we'll settle for old and reliable, as long as it helps me clear out some clutter.