Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great VHS Box Art pt. 1 "Super Chick"

The VHS was a thing of it's time. We virtually ignored it's limitations while it lured us from the local Cinema with it's convenience and beautiful box art. From a marketing standpoint, the VHS tape is a high water mark for the home entertainment industry, second only to the vinyl LP.

Here is some great VHS box cover art from the movie "Super Chick", presumably of the original theatrical poster. VHS box art continued the fledgling home entertainment industry's tradition of featuring original marketing materials from a film's theatrical release. Often the synopsis were original copy as well. Now, in the era of Photoshop, entire marketing divisions are devoted solely to repackaging films for retail, and some aspect of quality and charm are lost in the process. I've got a few nice boxes to share, and I've chosen to start with the best of the bunch.

"She'll really move her tail for you!"

I love the box art for this mid 70's soft core cheapie. Filmed as a vehicle for sex advice columnist Joyce Jillson. Super Chick is the alter-ego of a timid stewardess, who has a beau in every port to assist in her various counter cultural dabblings. Despite a who's who of 70's exploitation stars, it's very pro-woman and actually quite vanilla. Nothing like the drunken tramp witnessed on the box cover.

The sleepy eyed, wanton gaze seals the deal even as the lustful lady sheds her attire for you. The action is well portrayed and subdued by the muted color palette. This box art is entirely functional and maintains a delicate balancing act between serving as product and pin up, and is way hotter than anything found in the film itself. "Super Chick" can be found on region 1 DVD, unfortunately the cover is a little more representative of the actual film.


At least it's not more Photoshop.

For whatever reason, great art work continues to be suppressed in favor of cheap production art churned out by the underpaid for each new DVD release. That's a shame, for although the format may be better viewing on your television, it is nothing to view on your shelf. I will continue to prove this in future installments of Great VHS Box Art.

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