Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Year in Review

Why are people bitching about 2016? Just because we lost a lot of greats and elected a human cartoon character to run the free world doesn't mean the year hasn't yielded some positive things, especially in the realm of pop culture. Here are some of our faves.

Ghostbusters was a great movie. Much better than Ghostbusters II. At any rate they did what they had to do with it.

Rogue One is is right up there. Gareth Edwards is the new FX film Master. 

Dead & Co. is kicking ass. Beautiful spinners are in every pic I've seen, making it look like time traveling back to the 90's is a reality.

Micronauts are poised for a major comeback, thanks to the Hasbro SDCC set, and a well received comic book.

The small regional fan event is thriving across the U.S. It's no longer Wizard's game. Will Diamond soon fall? Joking.

The Hobbit is officially great thanks to the Extended Edition. Everything the films needed is there now, and the extra features are positively hysterical. 

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen is the thing you need to watch anytime you feel like you're having trouble operating as a functioning human being. Pikotaro is a genius.

Binge watching television shows all the time is a thing now, and nobody thinks you're weird for doing it. Netflix is making it easier to be a couch potato. 

Super 7 has He Man and the MOTU and they're already pissing off fans. Boutique toy manufacturing continues it's big takeover of licensed merch.

Happy New year eeveryone! May 2017 be just as good!

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