Saturday, March 23, 2013

80's Plamodel

Back in '83 I found a local hobby shop selling Japanese robot kits, and the section looked similar to the way these kits appear stacked in these boxes. Just a total disorganized mess, sometimes going back into the shelf three rows deep, with boxes on the bottom getting crushed by the weight. I spent hours digging around there. For a young guy obsessed with these things it was total sensory overload. I look back and think that my interest in building these kits could actually be evidence of huffing too much glue and paint fumes.

Over the past few years I've started gathering up these things again, only I couldn't bear to assemble and paint any of them. They are perfect examples of a moment in fantasy illustration and design that will not repeat itself. I do, however like to wrap them in clear cellophane, with the idea that doing so will help maintain the integrity of the boxes. You know, for when I'm dead and my family goes to sell them.

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