Monday, April 30, 2012


I want to thank Jim @ Phantom for tipping me off to the fact that there was something of a kegger going on at this show. Not only was it a great record show, there was, in fact, complimentary Iron City beer (among other Pittsburgh Brewing selections.) It's amazing how much a cold beer can effect ones vinyl LP consumption.

At this show I was able to snag two grails, Dio "Intermission" and Brian May's Star Fleet Project, so you can imaging how pumped I was at that point. After a beer and two favorite movie soundtracks ("Raiders" and "The Black Hole") I am having the best time at a con that I've had in a while. The $3 cover was a deal.

When I was fourteen years old I ate this garbage up

 The Film Makers has a great vibe in general, but it surprised me by being a such a suitable venue. I've always enjoyed the small con in the unorthodox space, where the relaxed attitude of the knowledgeable crowd is the only thing keeping what is otherwise a major fire hazard from erupting into the nightly news headlines. At PGH Vinyl CON everywhere you turned there was a box of records. In every room and outlining the hallways, it was records and audiophiles. I'm talking congestive foot traffic situations, almost surreal, like the fan conventions that sometimes occur in my dreams.

It's great to know Brian May knew exactly what was going on inside my head back in 1983.

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