Wednesday, January 18, 2012

George Lucas Strikes Back

This is great interview with George Lucas. It asks questions I've wanted to know for years, and reveals things that I never would have imagined.

For us thirty and forty somethings, Lucas was the childhood game changer. Although he didn't really help any us get laid (except for that brief period in the early 90's when SW was the epitome of self-referential cool,) he certainly provided the template by which we would determine what attitudes and behaviors were acceptable of any right-minded young man. He changed the way we absorbed visual information while at the same time providing us with characters and themes of multigenerational appeal. George Lucas belongs and will be on any respectable list of the great 20th Century innovators.

Now he's coming forward with his thoughts and feelings, and announcing his semi-retirement. See, he's not so much retiring as intentionally fading into obscurity. Art films, he says.

Go for it, I says.

After "Red Tails" Lucas intends to make the types of obscure films that landed him so much attention in the first place, and it's about time. People forget what an innovative cat this guy is, like it's his fault cinematic storytelling hasn't changed much since 1977. It's unfortunate that he feels like he has to make a big announcement, instead of just doing like Spielberg and making whatever kinds of films he wants, whenever he wants, but then George was always a different animal. It could be that is exactly his plan; a couple of sleepers, then a Spielberg approved sequel to Close Encounters of The Third Kind.

I hope that's what happens, or something along those lines. I hope the guy has nothing but fun making his movies from now on, whatever type of movies they need be. I look forward to another tribute, another dystopia, maybe even a comedy or two. And the weirdness... oh, the awesome George Lucas weirdness!

George Lucas is a national treasure. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

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