Saturday, July 9, 2011

Architects of Air, Amacoco

Architects of Air have been producing large scale, immersive art installations since 1992. Essentially giant inflated objects, their fantastic creations have delighted audience throughout the world.

The luminarium known as Amacoco made a recent stop in Pittsburgh. Here are some images accompanied by thoughts.

It's a feast for the sense. The maze-like environment, colored natural lighting, and slight pressurization combine to create a mild disorientation.

Little kids go nuts running around in this place. One can only imagine how youthful enthusiasm and optimism react in such a place of wonderment.

A groovy, barefoot hippy chick divulged that she was actually getting paid to work there for the duration of it's appearance.

Finally, a souvenir map. It's functional, but the whole point of visiting an installation like this is getting lost.

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