Thursday, February 10, 2011

Johnny Storm returns?

Looks like it's The Human Torch's turn to get snuffed out in the pages of The Fantastic Four, all a part of Marvel's latest bid for market place supremacy. Nothing like a big event, and there is no event bigger than killing a signature character. The thing is, nobody ever really dies in superhero comics, especially when you're talking about a Marvel comic. They all come back. We saw Kraven The Hunter's body, but he still came back. So the only question is, how will Johnny make his return?

Since Marvel is in the midst of updating it's universe in the manner of the classic late silver/ bronze age mode, and considering that the FF hasn't seen the guy in a while, I predict that The Human Torch will make his return as Galactus' newest herald, Dark Phoenix-style. He will do battle with his comrades and disappear again, thus stringing readership along that much further. The Johnny Storm we know and love will return only after the necessary sales slump, and requisite third major tent pole event. This will also mark the end of paper comics and the beginning of the retelling of the entire FF mythos , in the broadest common denominator, on whatever contrived new media being peddled at that time.

This is your next ten years FF fans. Enjoy!

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