Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gawker Media hacked: All nerds on full alert

Great. What a crummy site.

I'm talking about i09, or at least the people in charge. Definitely not the content, which is actually quite good. No, from the beginning I found i09 to be a craggy mechanism with a laborious process of logging in over and over until the traffic died down enough to forget what you were going to say in the first place. It never mattered since the comments wouldn't even appear half of the time. I stopped commenting years ago (and really only ever for the bump this place would get,) and haven't really visited recently, so it's great when to get an email suggesting I change all of my passwords just to be safe.

Of course when this happens you immediately get all kinds of similar emails, including one very trash talky rant that you probably shouldn't have opened.

I've logged onto other sites and not had this problem, but for how much longer? Do I stop participating online? I guess I had a good run, and I still have my blogger account. Good ol' blogger. You can comment here all you want and not worry because these people have their act together.

oh man, when I get a warning from topless robot...

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