Sunday, November 21, 2010

House (1977) vs. Deep Discount .com

I've seen a great many movies in my slowly diminishing life. I'm talking thousands of hours of film watching. Some great, some not so much. Some weird stuff, some shocking stuff, even some stuff that defies categorization.

Then there's "House"

"House" is the creation of Nobuhiko Obayashi, an art film guy from the sixties who was working in advertising when the offer came to direct a new kind of horror film. Boy did he ever! The movie is positively the most bizarre attempt at horror I've ever witnessed, utilizing virtually every known film making technique, and turning all horror cinema cliches inside out. It is so visually daring that keeping up with subtitles is next to impossible. So deranged is this film, that a synapses won't help much in describing it, suffice to say that it involves several 70's idols going to a haunted house and getting picked off one by one. Yet, that is is only a small part of what is going on in this film, which really must be seen to be appreciated or understood. It is so great, and Criterion did such a great job, that I hardly even mind that it took Deep Discount.Com over four weeks to ship it to me.

Seriously, Deep Discount, what is your problem? Everyone knows that shopping on said site can result in surprising shipping options, but who can complain when it's free? One week, two weeks, yes, that is all very much like it was expected in the twentieth century. But four and a half weeks? A scary (or completely bizarre) movie ordered a week before Halloween cannot rightly be expected in time for the party, but now it's almost Thanksgiving, and the horrific 'Ween sugar buzz has been replaced by frequent trips to the bike trail and bathroom scale. For the extra $4. it would've been worth going to amazon. You said it was in stock, Deep Discount!

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