Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SDCC still blows excepts for this one thing...

I can't believe anybody cares about the Comic Con. Well into the 21st century, bloated celebrity panels and gimmicky promotional items now officially suck. It's like the place has everything but comics. No thanks.

At least this time there was one actual surprise, and that was the revealing of the new monster design for Legendary Pictures forthcoming remake of Godzilla. Well, we don't know if it's a remake or what, but it's a new Godzilla, and it looks more like what we expected the last time a U.S. studio attempted such a thing.

The big square is the gimmicky crap that I don't like; you can put it in front of a web cam when you're on some page and it makes the thing look like it's breathing fire or something, but not really. It didn't look too effective in the demo, and probably just detracts from the concept art itself. Gimmicks.

As far as Goji him/herself goes, sure, why not. It's a little GMK, a little Millenium, and most likely the intial forays into the actual look of the finished product, but it's all very encouraging. Legendary promised fans something more like an actual Godzilla movie, and this is the first evidence to suggest they understand just exactly what that is.

Last year was the TR2N demo real, I guess this is it for this year, since I've been aware of everything else for months. SDCC isn't getting any better. Bring me back the Jubilee Con!

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