Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Original Dancing Traffic Cop

God rest Vitor Cianca's soul. The original dancing traffic cop has passed away at 92.

When I was a little kid I remember going downtown to visit my dad at work and being enthralled by Officer Cianca's routine. That was the guy on TV! Cianca made a real impression on not just the country but the world. Countless imitators emerged, which is the most sincere form of flattery there is. Do you think your local dancing traffic cop is cool? He or she probably is, but they are merely followers. True greatness is leading, and that's what Cianca did, both literally and figuratively.

Check out this old home movie and see the style. No Fred Astaire clowning here. Unfortunately you have to imagine the syncopated whistle blowing.

My condolences and thanks to the family. It's something to make total strangers smile, especially after your gone. This guy truly lives on in memory.

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