Monday, February 9, 2009


The good people responsible for "The It's Alive Show" have a petition you can sign in order to restore their broadcast home, WBGN, to the Comcast cable line up. As many of you already know, Comcast features some of the worst programming. Naturally, I was delighted to learn I could still watch "The It's Alive Show" while unemployed, broke, and living with my parents, which is cool because you can't find work at 10pm on a Saturday night anyhow, at least not in most fields. And WBGN doesn't stop there, no way. I got hooked on weekly broadcasts of "Hawaii Five-O" and "Mission Impossible" (back when I was working.)WBGN is the kind of station that would air "In Search Of..." or "The Mod Squad" if enough people ask for it, a funky, low rent operation that huge corporations like Comcast can find no value in. WBGN makes the religious channel look like the slick bullshit it really is.

Comcast really sucks. Religious channels, Home Shopping, that stupid community bulletin board with the eighties teleprompter graphics that no one ever watches, not even any sports channels on basic. To add further insult, WBGN's former spot is now occupied by DEAD AIR. That's right, you're paying to get DEAD AIR instead of more home shopping or religion. DEAD AIR is actually a better deal next to those, but I digress... In an era where disinterested shareholders own and exploit all the TV classics, it's kind of nice to have a WBGN still running old, grainy prints of "Godzilla Vs. Megalon" on a Saturday afternoon.

Go HERE and sign the petition now. Go HERE for updates on the the next course of action (read: ZOMBIE DEMONSTRATION WALK) that The It's Alive Show intends to take. Do this because you miss the way TV used to be, and still is sometimes in some places, but not for much longer, and at this time, not at all on Comcast.

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