Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pittsburgh Steak Salad...Mmmmmmm!

Here's another great food variation from my homeland, the "Pittsburgh Steak Salad." It's awesome, and in keeping with the traditions of Pittsburgh cuisine, completely unhealthy. "But Steve, how can a salad be unhealthy?" you might ask. Read on, dear diner, and keep that defibrillator handy cuz yinz is in Stiller country!

The Pittsburgh Steak Salad is your basic entree sized salad, with the typical mix of veggies (btw, hardboiled eggs and shredded cheese are considered vegetables in these parts,) and is, of course, piled with strips of grilled sirloin. That's great for some regions, however, here in the 'Burgh we like to take it to another level by throwing a heap of deep fried starch into the equation. That's right, nothing says "salad" like a pile of French fries serving as a salty, greasy bed to the meat. Essentially, when you order this dish, you're ordering several extra value meals without the buns. It's the price you pay for "delicious."

So fix your salad greens, toss a bunch of fries on it, then the steak, and finally the shredded cheese, which should melt from the heat of the meat and potatoes. That's a Pittsburgh Steak Salad, and it's something you're not likely to be served anywhere else. If you're dining out in Pittsburgh, just ask for a steak salad, and you WILL get fries on it. Then try to do something healthy for the next few days. Bon Apatite!

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