Monday, January 7, 2008

Buffalo Wings... "Pittsburgh Style" Mmmmmmm!

Just in time for your Super Bowl party! Pittsburgh does indeed offer a unique take on that greatest of bar appetizers, the noble Buffalo Wing. Careful when ordering your wings "Pittsburgh Style" though, even in Pittsburgh. The chain restaurants that thrive on ease of preparation have no time for the extra steps that make these wings superior, so this variation is in danger of being forgotten even in it's home town. No problem, it's actually simple and ingenious, and can be made at home or accommodated in any establishment where whole wings are served. You see, Pittsburgh Style Buffalo wings only work on "whole" wings, and you'll soon understand why.

To make Pittsburgh Style wings you drop a dozen or so in the fry vat and prepare your sauce. The sauce doesn't vary from traditional Buffalo sauce, you just make twice as much. When the wings are done you mix them in the sauce as you would normally, only instead of serving them you throw them on the grill on a high flame! You can see now how frozen wing "Dings" are never going to work with this method, right? Char (blacken) the edges, then turn and repeat. When there is no longer wet sauce in evidence, transfer the wings to a serving tray and drizzle remaining sauce upon them. Enjoy!

Doesn't that sound much healthier then normal wings? Well, don't be an idiot! You're actually eating twice as much buttery sauce! Here in Pittsburgh we understand that Buffalo Wings are never going to be healthier, but they can be a heck of a lot tastier!

If you're around town, take Interstate 76 to Route 376 to Monroeville. Hop on business Route 22 West and follow four miles to Carl's Tavern on your left . Carl's is keeping this tradition alive and well and has a great beer selection, too.

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